Creating Awareness

An awareness programme was launched by Allama Iqbal Library two weeks before organizing Open Access week. Advertisements were published in leading newspaper of Kashmir valley regarding the event as well as on Television/Radio. All the Heads of various Departments, Directorates and Institutes were invited to participate along with their faculty members, Research Scholars and students. Invitation Letters in this regard were also sent before to all of them. Same procedure was followed with regard to various colleges of Kashmir valley and other Universities.
Faculty members and Research Scholars were invited to present Power Point presentations (PPTs) on Open Access Resources. Keeping in view the expertise on Open Access, various experts were invited to deliver lectures on the topic.
To facilitate the use of Open Access Resources, a Virtual library was created on the web page of Allama Iqbal Library @
Total Number of Participants: More than 200
Total number of Lectures delivered: 04
Total Number of PPTs presented on the topic: 16
The proceedings of the Seminar were published in the leading newspapers of Kashmir valley.