Crafting a Statement of Open Research Principles and Practice for NZ/AU

We’re currently in Auckland, on the last day of the Open Research meeting . It’s been fantastic – new friends and old friends. Today a small group of weary but energised survivors are drafting a statement. Here are some pictures:

Alison Stringer, who’s been coordinating and holding the operation together.

The group has been highly influenced by the Panton Principles ( ). I’ve shown them Sophie Kershaw’s (Panton Fellow) video – one message from Sophie’s work is that the outcome should be concise – e.g. fit on a T-shirt. But I’m deliberately keeping a back seat – this has to emphasize NZ/AU’s unique take on this as well as support existing efforts.

Currently we are running with about 6 concepts. Once the declaration is finalised I’ll blog it. These things have their own momentum and timescale.

Many of us are going on to Kiwi Foo later this afternoon.

[And guess who has snuck into the first photograph…]