ChemistryOpen – Issue 1/2013 is now available online!

ChemistryOpen 2013ChemistryOpen’s first issue in 2013  again reflects the great diversity of this open-access general chemistry journal. Thematically the contributions range from betulin-based polyurethanes for CO2 adsorption to Cu2O-decorated TiO2 nanotubes. In addition to Full Papers, Communications and a Thesis Summary, this issue presents an Editorial by the Co-Editors-in-Chief and a newly featured Cover Profile.

In their Editorial entitled Show me the Money – How, as a Chemist, Can I Find Funding for Open-Access Publishing? the Editors of ChemistryOpen may answer some questions towards open-access funding and provide authors with ideas for potential funding sources. Fuelled by new policies from funders, more and more chemists are looking to publish their research results in an open-access forum. Of course, high-quality publishing costs money, and as a consequence, the so called “gold road” or “author-pays” model has emerged where an Article Publication Charge is payable by the author. So, the question now arises on how authors can meet the associated cost.

ChemistyOpen’s cover receives a new look in 2013 and features the Full Paper by Knut Rurack and co-workers (BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Germany) on fluorinated BODIPY dyes for dual-method surface analysis. The associated Cover Profile lets readers around the world take a closer look at his group in Berlin and offers a glimpse at the motivation behind their work: “When one tries to assess the functionalization degree of a support quantitatively, that is, the concentration of chemical groups across the entire support, one realizes that there are no reliable methods available today.

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