Food and Energy Security – Issue 2 now live!

Food and Energy SecurityFood and Energy Security is a new high quality open access journal publishing high impact original research on agricultural crop and forest productivity to improve food and energy security.

Issue 2 of this journal has now been published and is free for all to read, download and share. Highlights from this issue include:

Pine oleoresin: tapping green chemicals, biofuels, food protection, and carbon sequestration from multipurpose trees by Kelly Cristine da Silva Rodrigues-Corrêa, Júlio César de Lima and Arthur Germano Fett-Neto
Summary: Plants of the genus Pinus are able to grow in a wide range of environments, many of which quite harsh and extreme. Pine forests work as sinks of atmospheric carbon, contributing to greenhouse effect mitigation. They are important sources of numerous useful products, including not only wood and cellulose, but also non-wood products used by the chemical, food, biofuel, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for biorefineries.

An overview of climate change impacts on European viticulture by H. Fraga, A. C. Malheiro, J. Moutinho-Pereira and J. A. Santos
Summary: The importance of viticulture and of the winemaking socio-economic sector in Europe is largely acknowledged. Given the strong influence of the atmospheric factors on this crop, climate change can significantly affect yield and wine quality under future conditions. An overview of the current scientific knowledge, mostly concerning the European viticulture, the potential climate change impacts and feasible adaptation measures is provided herein.

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