#btpdf2 #scholrev: Planning the scholarly revolution

At Beyond the PDF2 www.force11.org/beyondthepdf2 a number of us felt that we needed a radical approach to scholarship and its communication. This wasn’t planned, but 25 of us met at lunch and decide we wanted to DO something different. There are very few ground rules but the basics include:

  • It must be Open (source, data, content, processes, mentality)
  • It must be universal and inclusive
  • It must address problems of the human race
  • It must be part of modern culture and practice
  • It must be protected from going down the stale processes of the last umpteen years

And more – this post must be short

So we grabbed our lunch and moved the chairs and tried to get everyone a chance to contribute but also with the real promise of getting something done by the end of 40 minutes. So far we have:

  • A hashtag “#scholrev” (this seems to be fairly free) under which we can group.
  • About 6 concrete realisable subprojects. Ranges from an collection of Open metadata (2 variants) to platforms, to textbooks.
  • A commons.
  • A communications platform, offered by @onelaboratory.com. Thanks. But you must remain open.
  • A list of initial members.
  • Ideas for how to spend 1K from #btpdf
  • Plans to meet AND HACK at #eswc European Semantic Web Conference at Montpelier this summer.
  • Invite people that we know would be interested.

I know how hard it is to keep this excitement going. But it’s critically important. So at the very least I am going to blog under this hashtag.

The challenge is to build something as world-changing as Wikipedia or OpenStreetMap. It can be done. And it involves everyone.