Food Science & Nutrition – Issue 1:2 now live!

Food Science & Nutrition CoverYou can read Issue 1:2 of Food Science & Nutrition online now!

The journal publishes articles relating to all aspects of human food and nutrition, as well as interdisciplinary research that spans these two fields.  Food Science & Nutrition is an open access, fully peer-reviewed journal providing rapid dissemination of research in all areas of food science and nutrition. 

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Below are some top articles which Editor-in-Chief Dr. Y. Martin Lo has highlighted from the second issue.

purple_lock_openNoni juice reduces lipid peroxidation–derived DNA adducts in heavy smokers
Mian-Ying Wang, Lin Peng, Claude J. Jensen, Shixin Deng and Brett J. West

Summary: A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial revealed that noni juice may reduce lipid peroxidation–derived DNA adducts in the lymphocytes of heavy smokers. This effect is associated with antioxidant activity of noni juice and the presence of iridoids, the major phytochemical constituents of noni fruit.


Summary: Intact starch granules are an interesting stabilizer candidate for food grade Pickering emulsions. The stabilizing capacity of seven different intact starch granules for making oil-in-water emulsions has been the topic of this screening study. Among all types of starch studied quinoa had the predominantly best emulsifying properties and surprising long term stability over 2 years of storage.

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