#openaccess Can I use Wiley’s “Open Access” for teaching? NO

Wiley has an “Open Access” offering. I couldn’t find papers any so I tweeted and got:

“gold padlocks” and “purple padlocks”. “free” and “open”. Words and images that can mean anything. No idea whether it’s usable for teaching. Another tweet:

So off I go to the URL, find a paper on chemistry (there aren’t many, of course):

Is it actually Open? I find

So NO. I can’t use it for teaching (which is a commercial activity). I look for permissions:

And I get back

Which is useless.

So Wiley would like to hear from me, it says.

OK Wiley – I don’t think you are really trying hard enough. Open Access is about helping people get material, not making a trail of difficulties through purple and gold and open and half open and …

You’re actually telling us we don’t matter.

Just do the honourable thing like BMC PLoS and eLife and PeerJ and make it


That’s simple. It’s BLACK but it reads the same in any colour