Physiological Reports Publishes issue 1.2

Physiological ReportsPhysiological Reports has now closed its latest issue. Below are the articles which have been highlighted by Editor-in-Chief Susan Wray from this issue:

purple_lock_open The distribution of the preferred directions of the ON–OFF direction selective ganglion cells in the rabbit retina requires refinement after eye opening
Ya-Chien Chan and Chuan-Chin Chiao
Summary: The present study shows that the preferred directions of selective ganglion cells (DSGCs) at around the time of eye opening are not distinctly segregated but rather are diffusely distributed along four canonical axes. We also demonstrate that the diffuse pattern of preferred direction distribution does not correlate with the directional tuning strength of DSGCs, indicating that the maturations of direction selectivity and preferred direction are independent processes. Our finding indicates that four subtypes of DSGCs undergo significant refinement after eye opening to reach their adult form.

purple_lock_open Decreased stability of erythroblastic islands in integrin ?3-deficient mice
Zhenghui Wang, Olga Vogel, Gisela Kuhn, Max Gassmann and Johannes Vogel
Summary: Erythropoiesis, a quite unique biological process, creates the only a-nucleated cell of our body, the red blood cell (RBC). It crucially requires a specialized microstructure called erythroblastic island (EI) for timing of erythroblast differentiation including extrusion of the nucleus and release of the young RBCs into the circulation. Here we provide new and unexpected data as to a role of integrin ?3 for timing the final detachment of young RBCs from EI. For example membranes of peripheral RBCs of integrin ?3 deficient mice contained calnexin, a chaperone that is normally completely lost during terminal differentiation of reticulocytes prior to their release into the circulation.

purple_lock_open Subcutaneous adipose tissue transplantation in diet-induced obese mice attenuates metabolic dysregulation while removal exacerbates it
Michelle T. Foster, Samir Softic, Jody Caldwell, Rohit Kohli, Annette D. deKloet and Randy J. Seeley
Summary: Leptin (A) and insulin (B) concentrations were significantly increased in all HFD groups, but those with heterotransplantations. Heterotransplantation restored insulin and leptin levels to chow control levels, whereas removal of subcutaneous adipose tissue induced increases greater than HFD control mice. Although hepatic insulin sensitivity was decreased by HFD, heterotransplantation in HFD mice restored hepatic insulin sensitivity to chow controls levels (C). Subcutaneous fat removal in HFD fed mice did not changes hepatic insulin sensitivity. Different letters indicate significance P ? 0.05.

purple_lock_open Portable acoustic myography – a realistic noninvasive method for assessment of muscle activity and coordination in human subjects in most home and sports settings
Adrian P. Harrison, Bente Danneskiold-Samsøe and Else M. Bartels
Summary: Muscle sound gives a local picture of muscles involved in a particular movement and is independent of electrical signals between nerves and muscle fibres. Our aim was to develop a setup for muscle-sound assessment, which could be reliably applied in any local setting. Sound recording was shown to be an easy non-invasive method for assessment of muscle function during movement with the possibility of being applied in most clinical, sports and home settings.

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