Issue 4/2013 of ChemistryOpen is Now Online!

Chem open issue 4 2013Issue 4/2013 of ChemistyOpen is now available via Wiley Online Library and the journal’s homepage:

The current issue covers a great range of interesting topics in bioorganic chemistry and materials science. Todd Lowary and co-workers focus on the synthesis of a tolerance-inducing immunomodulatory pentasaccharide lacto-N-fucopentaose III and its corresponding human serum albumin conjugate. Also in the field of bioorganic chemistry, Hans-Achim Wagenknecht, Ralph Witzgall and colleagues designed and synthesized photochemically active chromophore–nucleic acid conjugates to allow imaging in cells using both fluorescence microscopy and electron microscopy. An analytical biochemical application is also the main focus of the article by James Rusling and co-workers. They developed an inkjet-printed gold nanoparticle immunoarray integrated into a microfluidic device for multiple protein determinations. This detection method can be tuned either for ultrasensitive detection or for rapid detection of biomarkers within clinically relevant detection ranges. Michael Mehring and colleagues, on the other hand, synthesize ?-Bi2O3 nanoparticles as promising materials for their application in water purification systems. They developed a straightforward synthetic procedure for the synthesis of ?-Bi2O3 nanoparticles and show that they have high photocatalytic activity and stability during the degradation of typical organic water pollutants under visible light irradiation.

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