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ESE coverWe are delighted to announce that Energy Science & Engineering has now published its second issue. The journal is published in partnership with the SCI (Society of Chemical Industry)

With an increasing awareness of the need for a more sustainable ways to live, food waste valorization has attracted a great deal of attention as an alternative to the disposal of a wide range of residues in landfill sites. In addition there has been an ongoing debate about ‘food-versus-fuel’ in the development of biofuels, which has initiated a search for innovative technologies that can sustainably convert non-food bioresources to liquid transportation fuels or chemicals. Recent research has focused on food waste and its potential as an energy source. Two such articles have been published in the first Energy Science & Engineering issues and are free to read, download and share.

Advances on waste valorization: new horizons for a more sustainable society by Rick Arneil D. Arancon, Carol Sze Ki Lin, King Ming Chan, Tsz Him Kwan and Rafael Luque
Summary: Advanced waste valorization practices provide an infinite number of possibilities to convert residues into chemicals, fuels, and materials. This article has already been cited in Sustainable Chemical Processes.

Biodiesel from grease interceptor to gas tank by Alyse Mary E. Ragauskas, Yunqiao Pu and Art J. Ragauskas
Summary: Most developed and developing nations require the collection and proper disposal of trap sewer fats, oils and greases (FOG). This bioresource is a valuable feedstock for biodiesel and this review highlights the chemical constituents of this source of FOG and how it can be processed into biodiesel now and in the future.

The author of the second article, Arthur J. Ragauskas at the Georgia Institute of Technology has recently been honoured by a National American Chemical Society award – TheACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry  sponsored by Dow Chemical and endowed by Rohm and Haas. Art is also a member of the ESE editorial board and we are delighted that his contribution to science has been recognised by this prestigious award.

Authors are invited to submit their articles to Energy Science & Engineering via the online submission site. Papers are welcomed on fundamental and applied research on energy supply and use.

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