Physiological Reports Publishes its 100th Article!

Physiological ReportsWe are delighted to announce that Physiological Reports has now published its first 100 articles! The journal opened for submissions in March 2013 and has received a large number of strong submissions. The journal is a collaboration between the American Physiological Society and The Physiological Society and publishes the highest quality research across basic, translational and clinical physiology and allied disciplines.

The 100th article published in Physiological Reports is:
Cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis-2 is a critical regulator of apoptosis in airway epithelial cells treated with asthma-related inflammatory cytokines by Eugene Roscioli, Rhys Hamon, Richard E. Ruffin, Susan Lester, Peter Zalewski

The journal has published across a range of subject areas including the ones below. Click on the wordcloud to access more information about our first 100 papers, including the top read articles and the editor’s choice selection.

word cloud

Editor-in-Chief, Susan Wray says, “I have been delighted with both the quality and subject range in our first 100 published papers.  It made choosing the editor’s top picks pleasurable but very hard!  I am also thrilled with how visually attractive the articles are – all credit to the hard working production staff. Physiological Reports set out to be inclusive  and accept the best physiology irrespective of fashions and perceived impacts.  Take a look at our papers and you will see we are delivering on this. Physiological Reports is a society supported effort that is improving the publication landscape for physiologists and the teams they work with. If you do not see your research area featured, do something about it – submit a paper! You will be joining the  hundreds of other authors who have already discovered the professional service we offer to authors.”

We look forward to working with the editors, the societies and our authors on the next 100 papers and beyond!