Five Flavors of Open Access from DuraSpace: RICH MEDIA OPEN ACCESS

Winchester, MA  We live in a cyber landscape of moving digital images and sounds. Through the Internet discovery and access to almost anything we can imagine through multiple devices is instant. Favorite films and television shows, obscure recordings, field research materials, historic artifacts and more can be found in two clicks. While there is an abundance of rich media available–72 hours of video alone is uploaded per minute which is equal to 60 years worth of “big 3” network content per month–even more rich scholarly content is awaiting addition.

The following resources offer overviews, approaches, tools and strategies for curating, managing and preserving audio and video content in repositories.

Parts and pieces of the audio/visual puzzle
The Big Picture: Preserving Audio and Video Digital Media


Karen Cariani, Director WGBH Media Library and Archives at WGBH Educational Foundation, and members of WGBH staff present an overview of digital audio and video preservation. They share workflows, challenges, best practices and specific issues and complexities around differing video formats.

Drilling down to awesome content
Creating Access to Audio and Video Digital Media: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Variations on Video Project


Join Adam Weed, Systems and Digital Collections Librarian at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and Jon Dunn, Director of Library Technologies and Digital Libraries, IU Libraries, Variations on Video Project, to learn about new strategies, best practices and scholarly applications for audio and visual digital media in institutional repositories. They share their experiences with access, specific video issues and preservation storage. 

Tools you can use
AVAILABLE NOW: Manage Audio and Video Collections With Hydra-based Avalon Media System


Need a complete, open source, scalable audio/video system? Take Avalon for a test drive and find out how to curate video and audio files and manage workflows for university library video and audio content. Indiana University and Northwestern University released 1.0 of the Avalon Media System for managing large collections of digital audio and video files earlier this year. You many download the software and sign up for the email list, avalon-discuss-l, to get technical support or provide feedback.