Open Science Research at the Panton Arms Monday 2013-11-18: All welcome

We’re meeting tomorrow at the Panton Arms Cambridge for the first public Open Science/Research OKFN meetup, organised by Keren Limor. (Four of us met at Keren’s house a month ago to plan it). The Panton Arms is the second most famous science pub in Cambridge – or am I being too modest?

It’s open to EVERYONE. It’s easy to get to from London (50 mins half-hourly trains and 10mins walk).

Keren’s asked me to introduce it. We have a tradition of Panton Discussions, captured on video, so I’ll bring my video camera along and give a short (promise! Limited by battery) rambling account of the history of OKFN and science in Cambridge. We’ll take a trip to the holy shrine of 37 Panton Street and kiss the doorstep. There’s a nice warm fire

I’ll bring a slide projector and we can (I think) connect to the net so there’s a chance for people to talk about what they are excited about.

The whole idea is to build a community of people in Cambridge interested in Openness and Science. You don’t have to be a scientist! I shall be there from ca 1800 and we expect to sort-of start around 1830. The Panton sells

  • Beer
  • Soft-drinks
  • Acceptable food
  • Tomato ketchup and mayonnaise (yum!)
  • Chips

This is what the M-R group survived on for 12 years and they are all still alive.