Earth’s Future Publishes its First Papers

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We are pleased to announce that Earth’s Future has launched its first articles.  Read the excellent research that we’ve published so far.

purple_lock_open Earth’s Future: Navigating the Science of the Anthropocene

purple_lock_open The Future of Agriculture Over the Ogallala Aquifer – Solutions to Grow Crops More Efficiently with Limited Water

purple_lock_open A geological perspective on sea-level rise and its impacts along the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast

purple_lock_open Conservation easements and mining: the case of Chile

purple_lock_open Knowing The unknowns

purple_lock_open How Far Have We Come in Earth System Science?

purple_lock_open An apparent hiatus in global warming?

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Earth’s Future is a new kind of journal – a transdisciplinary open access journal, with a mission to help researchers, policy makers, and the public navigate the science. Earth’s Future focuses on the state of the Earth and the prediction of the planet’s future.

We would like to invite you to submit your papers to the journal. All articles in Earth’s Future are published under a Creative Commons License and are free to read, download and share. So you’ll comply with any funder requirements, and ensure that your work is available to all.