Evolutionary Applications Publishes issue 6.8

EVA-issue-6-8The December issue of Evolutionary Applications has been published online. The issue features an image of Whitefish (Coregonus macrophthalmus) on its cover pertaining to a study by Hirsch and colleagues on potential for future divergence in restored aquatic habitats.  The Editor-in-Chief: Louis Bernatchez has also highlighted the following articles as of particularly interest:

purple_lock_open Dynamics of growth factor production in monolayers of cancer cells and evolution of resistance to anticancer therapies
by Marco Archetti
Summary: In this article the authors use evolutionary game theory to study the dynamics of the production of growth factors by monolayers of cancer cells and to understand the effect of therapies that target growth factors.

purple_lock_open Herbicide-resistant weeds: from research and knowledge to future needs by Roberto Busi, Martin M. Vila-Aiub, Hugh J. Beckie, Todd A. Gaines, Danica E. Goggin, Shiv S. Kaundun, Myrtille Lacoste, Paul Neve, Scott J. Nissen, Jason K. Norsworthy, Michael Renton, Dale L. Shaner, Patrick J. Tranel, Terry Wright, Qin Yu and Stephen B. Powles

Summary: In this Perspective article the authors explore the areas and highlight future challenges of synthetic herbicide resistance research towards integrated and (evolutionary) sustainable weed management in major field crops.

purple_lock_open The effects of synthetic estrogen exposure on premating and postmating episodes of selection in sex-role-reversed Gulf pipefish by Emily Rose, Kimberly A. Paczolt and Adam G. Jones

Summary: In this study the authors aimed to understand the effects of a synthetic estrogen (EE2) exposure on the sex-role-reversed mating system in pipefish and the resulting strength of selection in Gulf pipefish.

As always, we are keen to encourage papers applying concepts from evolutionary biology to address biological questions of health, social and economic relevance across a vast array of applied disciplines, and also strongly encourage submissions of papers making use of modern genomics or other molecular methods to address important questions in an applied evolutionary framework. For more information please visit the aims and scopes page.

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