More Elsevier FUD and Bluff

The University of Calgary has been contacted by a company representing the publisher, Elsevier Reed, regarding certain Elsevier journal articles posted on our publicly accessible university web pages. We have been provided with examples of these articles and reviewed the situation. Elsevier has put the University of Calgary on notice that these publicly posted Elsevier journal articles are an infringement of Elsevier Reed?s copyright and must be taken down.

If Elsevier sends a take-down notice to a university, you have two simple options:

(1) Leave it up, and send the notice back to Elsevier with a copy of Elsevier?s policy on self-archiving.


(2) Re-set access as Closed Access and rely on the repository?s copy-request Button.

(If the take-down notice was because you deposited the publisher?s PDF, make the publisher?s PDF Closed Access and deposit the author?s final draft instead, and make that OA.)

And fix your mandate to make sure it specifies that the author?s final draft should be deposited immediately upon acceptance for publication, not the publisher?s PDF.

(Calgary would have done better to respond pragmatically to this latest round of Elsevier FUD and bluff — but, after all, this is exactly what FUD’s for, isn’t it?)