Elseviergate; Elsevier is STILL charging for Open Access even after I have told them. Wellcome should take them to court

Someone needs to take formal action against Elsevier. Like taking them to court. In this case Wellcome.

Two days ago I posted https://blogs.ch.cam.ac.uk/pmr/2014/03/24/today-at-elseviergate-more-potholes-and-bumps-on-the-shared-journey-please-help-us-find-paywalled-openaccess-elsevier/ where  I mentioned an APC-paid Open Access article behind a paywall. In response to this Elsevier lifted the paywall.

Prompted by a tweed from Ross Mounce I looked again. Now they have put the article back behind the paywall. Requiring non-subscribers to pay for Open Access.  Unethical, Immoral and I suspect a clear breach of contract law.

Here’s todays’ screen shot


I simply don’t know what to say. Does anyone care? Or do we continue to pour public funds into an arrogant, avaricious, unprincipled company?

UPDATE: I’ve checked the earlier paywalled Open Access articles and they are not accessible to anyone (“we are experiencing technical difficulties”);