(partial list, to be updated: please provide corrections and additions):

– Start with a 2/3 supermajority, generated by a smear campaign and inciting mobs to violence

– Gerrymander the electoral districts

– Adopt laws to control the media

– Buy up the media

– Recruit and buy up corrupt oligarchs

– Re-write the constitution

– Adopt new laws and amendments whenever desired

– Retire the judiciary and appoint your own

– Take over the national bank presidency

– Take over private pensions

– Nationalise businesses and properties, then re-privatize to cronies

– Conduct press and police campaigns to smear the opposition

– Use EU subsidies to fund government electoral campaign

– Limit electoral campaigning in media

– Fund private foundations to do limitless media promotion of government

– Use taxes and subsidies to lower utility costs to disguise economic decline

– Blame all economic ills on opposition

– Oblige tenement owners to advertise utility savings

– Enfranchise non-citizens in adjoining countries to vote; facilitate their voting

– Make it as difficult as possible for citizens living abroad to vote (misinformation, red tape)

– Fund the fraudulent creation of many bogus opposition parties to create confusion in the ballot box

– Have oligarchs buy up all poster campaign space for government posters

– Adopt laws restricting campaign posting in public view

– Use media control to foster a popular climate of hatred toward the opposition and xenophobia toward the outside world

– Borrow bail-out funds at extortionate rates from Russia for nuclear plant building

– Use the loan to fund ?Hungary is Performing Better? campaign

– Leak innuendos and initiate criminal proceedings against the opposition weekly, dropping them once they prove groundless and have already done their damage

[Please re-post this list amended and expanded: Maybe there’s hope to get it to go viral before the elections]