Wiley Launches First Open Access Journal to Support Pre-Clinical Systematic Reviews

LSJ-14-65274-WOAI-VW-EBPM-Cover_101x131Wiley today launched Evidence-based Preclinical Medicine (EBPM), a new open access journal and the first of its kind dedicated to publishing systematic review protocols and systematic reviews which summarise data from animal studies on subjects relevant to human health. The launch of EBPM consolidates Wiley’s position as the leading publisher in evidence-based medicine.

Systematic reviews are a form of meta-analysis, identifying, appraising, selecting and synthesising all high quality research evidence relevant to a specific question. EBPM’s synthesis of preclinical evidence will improve evaluation of the potential success of future clinical trials, improving the reliability and value of medical research.

The journal is edited by Associate Professor David Howells, of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, and Professor Malcolm Macleod of the University of Edinburgh. ‘Evidence-based Preclinical Medicine aims to be more than just a journal’ said Professor Macleod. ‘By providing a foundation of pre-clinical evidence we can escape the enthusiasms and vested interests that can distort the application of research from animals to humans’.

The journal has developed a helpdesk to guide practitioners through the processes of systematic review and to help authors prepare their study datasets for publication. EBPM also publishes protocols describing the proposed approach for a systematic review, enabling readers to distinguish between hypothesis and evidence-based observations.

For more information visit: www.evidencebasedpreclinicalmedicine.com