The Open Journal by arfon

“Along with a few friends, we’ve written code to support peer review as a service. It assumes that some group of people (think editors or academic community) want to make comments on a thing (think paper). All you need is a URL for the thing – we think that GitHub repositories offer lots of nice advantages but it could be a dropbox link, or an arXiv paper or anything. Comments are just a list of issues on the paper or on specific parts of it; they are opened by a reviewer and then resolved by the reviewer after dialogue with the author, authors or editors. Once (enough) issues are resolved, your paper is ‘accepted’ and the service will proclaim the news to anything listening.1

That’s all you actually need to start your own publishing revolution. To give you an idea of how this might work, imagine building a new journal. Let’s call it the Open Journal of Astrophysics….”