Waiting for this good sense in the US.

” ‘Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union…said that a Member State may authorise libraries to digitise, without the consent of the rightholders, books they hold in their collection so as to make them available at electronic reading points.’ Note that this decision does not stop at “digitization without distribution”. Instead it permits digitization with limited distribution, at designated terminals in the library. Nor does it go as far as “digitization without purchase”. Libraries may only digitize books in their own collections, which they have presumably purchased. Nor does it allow patrons to make digital copies of the digital editions. However, it does seem to allow patrons to print private copies of the digital editions on the same terms as they could photocopy private copies of print editions. (I don’t know what those terms are.) Nor does the right kick in immediately across Europe. Member states may enact this right or not, without violating the EU Copyright Directive. Which member state will be first, and when?”