OpenCon 2014 Announces the Max Planck Society, eLife, and Overleaf as Sponsors

The organizers of OpenCon 2014 are pleased to announce three new sponsors for the meeting that have made a significant commitment to support student and early career researcher involvement in Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data.  The sponsors are: 

  Presenting Sponsor:                                Webcast Sponsor:                  Supporting Sponsor:
      The Max Planck Society                                        eLife                                        Overleaf               


The Max Planck Gesellschaft is committed to support Open Access on all levels,” said Dr. Georg Botz, Coordinator of Open Access Policy for the Max Planck Society. “It is crucial to foster the engagement of students and early career researchers and to set free the power of the next generation of scholars to create change in order to overcome the inertia of the current scholarly publishing system. Therefore the Max Planck Gesellschaft is proud to support OpenCon 2014 as a valuable complement to the Berlin Open Access conference series.”

The generous contributions from each of these organizations will enable the participation of dozens of students and early career researchers from around the world, regardless of their financial circumstances.  We’re proud to work with such strong partners in making OpenCon 2014 a reality and putting the next generation at the heart of efforts to open up research outputs of all kinds.

“Early-career researchers — PhD students, post-docs, and new group leaders — represent the future of science” said Dr. Mark Patterson, executive director of eLife. “We are delighted to support OpenCon and early-career researchers in general, to ensure that these voices are at the heart of advocacy and policy changes aimed at transforming research communication and accelerating discovery.” 

These sponsoring organizations are already actively working with early career researchers, and one, Overleaf, is actually itself led by young scientists.

“As a team of young scientists ourselves, we’re delighted to be supporting OpenCon 2014 to help develop tools, materials and a community for early stage researchers to learn, collaborate and gain experience in scientific research,” said Dr. John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO, WriteLaTeX and Overleaf. “With a large student userbase already, we’re planning to create a dedicated section on Overleaf to help collate and disseminate resources, templates and examples from OpenCon 2014 for early stage researchers to get started on their first scientific writing projects.”

We appreciate the commitment of these three leading organizations, and if your organization or institution is interested in joining our growing list of partners by sponsoring OpenCon 2014, please be in touch by emailing nick [at] arl [dot] org.