Satellite Event FAQ

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Will you provide a customized logo for my event? 
Yes! To maintain the identify of the conference, we will ask satellite events to use the customized OpenCon satellite event logo.

Is there a deadline for organising satellite events?
There is no hard deadline, but we encourage organizers to plan ahead and get started early. LIve stream watch parties can be planning quickly, but larger events will take more planning.

What do we have to do to be an official satellite event?

You must register your interest here and submit a plan to the organizers to be approved. Then, you’ll be provided a custom logo to use at the event.

Can we obtain local sponsorship?  
Yes – as long as the sponsee is inline with SPARC’s guidelines and OpenCon’s Student and Early Career Researcher organising committee agree. You can request a potential sponsee to be reviewed here.

Can I come to the main event and host a satellite event later?

Yes! Satellite events should be held within 2 or 3 weeks of the the main meeting, so you’ll need to plan ahead!

Could we charge for tickets?

If you chose to charge for an event, that is your decision. However, the event is targeted at students and early career researchers – two groups not known for having much money spare! We require ticket prices to be set at a level which only cover the event costs.

Who is eligible to host a satellite event?

Any group which supports OpenCon’s issue areas of Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data can host a satellite event, provided they have an adequate plan and are approved by the OpenCon Organizing Committee.

Can multiple groups co-host a satellite event?

Yes of course, as long as the groups don’t conflict with the above previous point.