Satellite Event Ideas

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Satellite events are partnered with the main OpenCon meeting in Washington DC, but can be customized significantly. For example:

  • You can time shift the event to suit local times, or hold it on a different weekend.

  • You could invite local speakers, have local workshops and panels as you please in addition to showing selected sessions from the main event.

  • You could hold a shorter meeting, including only the sessions that are most relevant to your institution.


Here are some suggestions of the types of event we’ve imagined:


Small satellite event

  • Book a small room

  • Put on the live stream

  • During workshops host informal discussions on the topics raised,

  • Try to attract 15+ participants

  • Plan a social event for informal discussions after

Large satellite event

  • Book a lecture room

  • Put on the live stream

  • Provide some food

  • Have a structured workshop or local speaker

  • Try to attract 50 participants

  • Organise a simple evening activity


  • Book a lecture room and breakout rooms

  • Put on the live stream

  • Have a few local elements including workshops and talks

  • Try to attract 100+ participants

  • Include some event swag, either sponsored or that you create

  • Include food and drinks after the event

Extras to improve your event

  • Coordinate with your local librarians—very important!

  • Invite local policy makers

  • Put on your own workshops

  • Try and set up a local working group to help organize the meeting

  • Write a blog post

  • Take some pictures and send them in!

Workshop ideas: In the coming weeks, we’ll provide ideas for workshops to consider including as part of your OpenCon 2014 satellite event.