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What are OpenCon 2014 satellite events?

OpenCon 2014 Satellite events are events of any size, in any place held in partnership with the main conference (more on OpenCon 2014 here). Last year the conference that OpenCon builds upon—the Berlin 11 Satellite Conference for Students and Early Stage Researchers— had five applicants for every person accepted, so this year we felt it was important to allow more of those interested to participate. That’s what this is all about. We are also interested in using locally organized events to reflect the fact that the conversation around these issues can be very different depending on where they’re had.

Why should you consider hosting an OpenCon 2014 satellite event?

In these pages, you’ll find help every step of the way in planning an event. Here are a few reasons why you might consider organizing an OpenCon satellite event:

  • It’s a great way to kick start or continue to build the momentum for Open Access, Open Education, and/or Open Data in your area and in tandem with others across the world;

  • By providing part or all of the content, it decreases the amount of effort involved in planning a meeting on these issues;

  • You can host the event in a way which suits you—on your own timeline and with your own speakers, policy makers and more;

  • Satellite events are a great way to continue the Open Access Week conversation; and,

  • It’s great experience that allows you to join in a conversation with peers around the world.

Steps for getting started

1. Get in contact and get connected! We can’t support you if you don’t tell us you’re doing an event! If you’re interested in hosting an event head here and get linked up to make sure you get all the info, help and support you need.

2. Have a look around the satellite event pack. You’ll find resources for publicising your event, obtaining sign-ups, information for streaming on the day and more. We’ll keep updating this kit as resources become available so keep checking back.

3. Brainstorm for your event. This is the fun bit! Start to think about what you’d like your event to look like. We’re happy to chat through ideas with you – but remember this is your event. We’ve given you a headstart here though!

4. Get planning! Once you’ve got your ideas together, it’s time to get planning—the sooner the better for a great event. If you need help getting started or hit a hurdle, join one of our drop in calls, or use the support kit provided and request and event mentor.

5. Get the word out and get sign ups. Once you’ve confirmed the day and the necessary details about the event, it’s time to get the word out! We’ll support you with managing signups, providing poster templates, creating an event website, sending publicity emails, and more.  Details can be found here.

Register to Host an OpenCon Satellite Event

Fill in the form below to express your interest in hosting an OpenCon satellite event. Once submitted, an organizer from OpenCon 2014 will follow up with you directly.