Informa Health Care charge 54 USD for 2-page Open Access Article and 3USD per page for photocopy

Informa have just published a 2-page article.

The author tells us it’s Open Access but Informa charge 54 USD for 1 day’s read.

That’s right, 27 USD per page (and probably taxes).

How can ANYONE justify this?

Does this not make you very angry?

No doubt Informa will tell us it’s “a bump on the road” (Elsevier), “a glitch” (Springer). It’s a bump that means they take money they are not entitled to. In my view that’s unacceptable trading.

Publishers have a duty to serve authors and readers. Simply saying “oh we made a mistake, please be sorry for us” is unacceptable.

The author is a member of Patients Like Me, a charity devoted to patients. He cares.

Informa doesn’t seem to care about patients.

And that’s shown by the HUGE charges for reproducing papers.

If you wanted to photocopy it, as a non-profit, and distribute 50 copies it would cost you 3 USD per photocopy page. Try it on Rightslink. Charging huge amounts to non-profits and similar to reproduce articles make me very very angry.


Apparently this was an invited editorial and it was promised as some form of free access (almost certainly not CC-BY). Therefore the implied contract is informal and the publishers have retained the right to charge whatever they like. It’s clear that they have no problems calculating a charge of 27USD per page.

The point at issue is not the details but the total lack of concern by the publisher. The extortionate rates announce “We don’t care” – to authors – to readers – more effectively than I can.