Livre 010101 (1971-2015)

From Google’s English:¬†¬†Dated June 2015, a great saga of the digital book in July 1971 to the present, based on the monitoring of the topicality of the subject over the years and on a hundred interviews continued for several years in Europe, Africa , Asia and the Americas. It speaks of authors, publishers, booksellers, libraries, catalogs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, digital book formats, reading software and playback devices. It gives equal importance to the non-commercial eBook (born in 1971) that digital book sales (born in 1998). We do not forget that it is the authors who make the books – including digital. Many authors are interviewed in these pages. Collaborative projects have existed since the beginnings of the web and their authors are interviewed here. The book is supplemented by a detailed chronology.