Off to Brussels for ContentMining (TDM) meeting.

I’m spending a (long) day going to Brussels to a meeting run by MEPs and the European Parliament on Text and Data Mining. Here’s the metadata:

“Demystifying Text and Data Mining in a copyright context”

When: Wednesday 27 April 2016, 13.00 – 15.00

Where: European Parliament, ASP, Room A5E2

Event co-hosted by Miapetra Kumpula-Natri & Therese Comodini Cachia & Catherine Stihler

First – I am a great supporter of the MEPs who propose reform – we can add Julia Reda (@senficon) to this.

The blurb is only present as a woolly GIF:  Why??? I can’t even cut-and-paste? we are in the digital century? euroinvite

The UK has one of the few Exceptions to Copyright allowing TDM (for very limited purposes – personal non-commercial research for those who have legal access to the material). I am one of the very few people – perhaps one of two – who is actually using this legal permission.

Europe has been fighting for similar rights – and so have individual jurisdictions such as France:

Declaration pro-exception in #copyright for #TDM in France (and in French) by group of entrepreneurs and leaders:
(PMR summary – the great-and-good of France are fighting for rights to carry out TDM).

However I am deeply worried about the European initiative. Every time there is to be a draft, the time slips. The current wording is so vague as to be almost useless. We are all fighting massive opposition from publishers and lobbyists and reform gets watered down month by month…

Simply – I (PMR) am allowed to mine in UK because ANYONE has “The right to read is the right to mine”. By contrast in Europe only “Public (Interest) Research Organisations” can mine.

  • Is a journalist a PIRI? No.
  • Is a teacher a PIRI? No.
  • Is PMR a PIRI? No.

Who is?

My guess is that this will turn out to require either/or

  • a regulator
  • a court case

If we rely on the EC then maybe I would have to register as an approved TDM’er and only carry out TDM at approved institutions.

Please tell me that I am overreacting.


I shall certainly ask this tomorrow if I am allowed to speak.

oh – and here is the awful GIF that accompanied the event. I hope against hope that it was a mistake. It sends out every wrong message…
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 19.24.39

TDM Copyright reform is about LICENSING?? NO, NO, NO