????? ????? Mukth Abhigam – Hindi translation of Open Access

????? ????? Mukth Abhigam – Hindi translation for Open Access.

India celebrates ????? ???? (Hindi Diwas/Hindi Day) every year on 14th September and also celebrates Hindi Chetna Maas (?????? ????? ???) for a month during September – October.

To commemorate Hindi Diwas and Hindi Chetna Maas and also Open Access Week, it is proposed that we shall popularise the use of ????? ????? (Mukth Abhigam) for Open Access in Hindi. It is to be noted that that Acceso Abierto is the Spanish translation for Open Access.

See http://opendefinition.org/od/2.0/hi/ or http://openaccessindia.org/tag/hindi/ for Open Definition in Hindi.