FASEB editorial policy, updated to allow submission of preprints

“FASEB [Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology] permits the submission of preprint manuscripts, which will undergo the same review process as “non-preprint” manuscripts. Preprint submissions must meet the following criteria and conditions:
  1. The preprint cannot be under consideration for publication elsewhere, at any time it is being considered for publication by FASEB.
  2. Once a manuscript has been formally submitted to FASEB, no additional versions of the manuscript may be posted to preprint servers (A) while it is under consideration or reconsideration, (B) while undergoing revision prior to, or during, re-review/resubmission, and (C) while being prepared for publication.
  3. Additional manuscript versions of articles published by FASEB may not be posted to preprint servers after publication unless these manuscripts have an open access copyright license. (FASEB does permit certain manuscript versions of accepted articles to be posted to repositories and archives. Please click here to read that policy.)
  4. The preprint must be assigned a preprint DOI, and the preprint server must make all versions of a preprint manuscript (and related materials, such as figures, tables, supplemental data, etc.) available, as well as make it clear which version is the latest version. Please click here for more information about preprint DOIs.
  5. The preprint server must automatically link to the article in the journal once the article has been published on the journal’s web site.
  6. Preprint submissions posted to preprint servers with an open access license are allowed, but authors will be required—without exception—to pay the journal’s open access fee as a condition of acceptance.
  7. The authors must: (A) disclose at first submission that a manuscript has been posted to a preprint server, (B) indicate which server is being used and the copyright license under which the manuscript has been posted, and (C) provide a link to the preprint version of the article.
  8. Once a manuscript has been formally submitted, the authors may not change the copyright terms of the preprint. …”