Frequencies: open access podcast series from the UBC Okanagan Library

The University of British Columbia, Okanagan (UBC-O) Library is proud to announce Frequencies, a new open access podcast series featuring UBC researchers, hosted and produced by the Library.

Every season of Frequencies revolves around an emerging topic or current event, with each episode tackling the issue from a different perspective. Most episodes run approximately 20 minutes, and you can listen to them directly in your browser or by downloading and playing them from your favourite podcasting app.

Season One launched in September to coincide with Science Literacy Week, discussing issues like the rise in medicinal psychoactive drug usage, making science accessible through fiction, and the science of soundscapes. Season Two, launched this week as part of our celebrations for Open Access Week, considers the role of universities in the open access movement and knowledge sharing between the academy and indigenous groups.

 We hope that these podcasts will help share the expertise of UBC researchers with the rest of the world and start meaningful conversations about the important issues facing us. Please dive into Frequencies and let us know what you discover!