ARTiFACTS – A Blockchain Platform for Scientific & Academic Research

“ARTiFACTS provides a simple, user-friendly platform, purpose built for academic and scientific research that leverages blockchain technology. Researchers can record a permanent, valid, and immutable chain of records in real-time, from the earliest stages of research for all scientific and scholarly artifacts, including citing/attribution transactions….

By using the ARTiFACTS platform, researchers will be able to immutably prove ownership and existence of novel work, expand access to their scientific and academic research artifacts, provide and receive ‘real-time’ attribution for novel work and more comprehensively and rapidly build and demonstrate their body of scholarly contributions….

Establish proof-of-existence and confirm provenance at any time

Protect and manage IP while concurrently facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing

Provide and receive valid, break-proof attribution and assignment of credit

Participate in growing a comprehensive, community archive for all scientific and scholarly artifacts….”