En Plan S+ til bekjempelse av eliteforskeres logofetisjisme

From Google’s English: “Another alleged side effect of Plan S is that it will be harder to recruit international top researchers to research projects in Norway. Ambitious researchers will always strive for the stars. And high up there are flashing old prestigious journals that it will now be illegal to “publish.” This unrest will apparently make it impossible to assemble highly skilled research teams in northern Norway. But ahead of Plan S, leading universities are in the home country of freedom, the United States. Among others, Harvard and MIT have for many years demanded their researchers to publish in ways that promote Open Access. Has this had negative effects on recruitment, and in the case of which? The burden of proof lies with the skeptics of Plan S.


In my position as a university librarian, I conduct both research and library work. I travel at a conference, I do not take the limousine to the airport, there will be bus or to emergency taxi. I never fly first class, and there are limits to how expensive accommodation I can book. Perhaps I had more admiring glances along the way if I ordered a limousine with a private driver. But it would be hard to expect that the employer should pay for it.

To submit Articles for expensive subscription magazines are not contributing to a good public-private partnership. We already have a system called CRISTIN, where all researchers should register their publications. This is how we build our resume, so we show our contribution to the development of knowledge. If the government wishes to speed up the transition to Open Access, it should launch a Plan S +. Now as the Research Council is doing, universities and colleges can also get the following control signal: Make sure researchers who publish in subscription-based journals are deducted 10,000 kr in free operating assets (annuity) per publication score. Researchers who publish in open channels with good quality assurance receive $ 10,000 in advance. That way, those who are passionate about prestige pay for the limousine tours themselves. Progressive colleagues who choose to drive bus and taxi….”