Open Access Publishing and Subsequent Citations Among Articles in Major Cardiovascular Journals – The American Journal of Medicine

“Of the 916 articles published in 2017, original investigations accounted for most articles (66.7%), followed by reviews (14.5%), guideline/scientific statements (8.4%), research letters (3.7%), viewpoints (3.7%), and editorials (2.9%). Among all articles, 43% (n?=?391) were open access. Citation number was higher among open access articles compared with those with subscription access (14 [25th–75th percentile: 9–23] vs. 11 [25th–75th percentile: 7–17]; P?<?0.001). Open access status was significantly associated with higher number of citations after multivariable adjustment (? coefficient: +0.42, 95% CI: 0.38–0.45, P?<?0.001). Open access articles had consistently higher citations compared with subscription access articles across the 3 most frequent article types….Further research is required to assess the variation in long-term citation rates based on open access publishing status.”