Elsevier in €9m Norwegian deal to end paywalls for academic papers | Financial Times

“Elsevier, the academic publisher, will on Tuesday announce a €9m deal with a Norwegian consortium under which published research will be freely accessible. The agreement follows several contract terminations by universities in the US and Europe who accused the company of not meeting demand for open access to scientific studies published in its journals. The deal with the seven Norwegian universities and 39 research institutions known as Unit will be biggest for Elsevier since it lost an $11m contract with the University of California last month….Under the two-year Norwegian pilot “open access” publishing agreement, research from academics associated with Unit will be freely accessible. Rather than charge a subscription fee for access to its journals, which is how the publisher has structured most of its deals, Elsevier will bill the Norwegian institutions for the close to 2,000 articles they expect to publish each year….”