Making the case for a Public Library of India – Bangalore International Centre

“Can India lead a global revolution in access to knowledge? In this talk, Carl Malamud will discuss some efforts in India to take some small initial steps to change how we access information. He will discuss public interest litigation in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi with two co-petitioners to make all Indian standards available.

In Bengaluru, the Indian Academy of Sciences has embarked on an ambitious program to digitize scientific literature, a program which will soon expand to other kinds of institutions in Chennai, Mangalore, and other locations, a program driven by a volunteer group known as the Servants of Knowledge. And, in Delhi, 750 terra bytes of disk is spinning at JNU and IIT Delhi, the beginnings of a research facility for big data and text mining as well as a distribution depot for moving content throughout India. Carl will explain who these components are part of his vision for what might become a Public Library of India, making available the vast treasures of knowledge of India to all….”