Much to say about editors! – Editoria

Editoria afficinados will know that the web based word processor that makes our color-coded track changes (and many others) dreams come true is actually a PubSweet component called Wax. And PubSweet pros will know that the component is based on the Substance editor libraries. Still, there are many more layers, both inside Coko technology, and out.

Open source collaborative editors are a very specialized domain. Recently, Coko’s lead PubSweet Developer Jure Triglav wrote a very detailed landscape view of all of the different editor options available in this space.

Also, Coko is working on creating a version of Wax that built against the ProseMirror library, and will be integrated in to Editoria in future. Christos Kokosias is the Lead Wax Developer and specializes in this area. Recently, Coko Co-founder Adam Hyde sat down with Christos to talk about editors. You can listen in!…”