Detroit Management Summit : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

It’s the beginning of a new chapter in the Coko story, and we are writing it together in Detroit, Michigan ahead of the Association of University Presses meeting, which we will attend and present at. We, of course, are Coko’s new management team, Adam, Jure and I. Together, we are discussing the structure of the organization and our offerings moving forward….

We are streamlining Coko. In the spirit of our signature transparency, we are sharing these early ideas with you. Moving forward, we will align Workflow Sprints and all Coko’s current activities such as developer workshops, open source consultancy and events around PubSweet. Editoria will continue to be a community-led project participating in the PubSweet Community, along with Hindawi’s Phenom, eLife’s Libero, and other platforms developed or developing with PubSweet. Wax, XSweet and Paged.js will be part of Cabbage Tree Labs (stay tuned for more on this soon)….”