PLOS Endorses Open Pharma Position Statement on Open Access

“Today, PLOS joins a list of endorsers of the Position Statement on Open Access coordinated by Open Pharma, a group of pharmaceutical clients, publishers, patients, academics, regulators, editors, non-pharmaceutical funders, and societies.

PLOS is a fully Open Access publisher, with all content published with a CC-BY license. We are  therefore ready to support the aims of Open Pharma without delay or need to alter policies. 

We support any and all moves to open science, and to improve the integrity of research. The pharmaceutical industry funds roughly half of all biomedical research, yet has been slower to adopt the Open Access and Open Science policies that are now becoming mainstream. Our hope, by endorsing this position statement, is to ensure the pharmaceutical industry understands it is just as welcome and able to submit to PLOS journals as any other research group. Our robust editorial policies, open data policy, and Open Science mission will help the industry validate and demonstrate the credibility of its work. We look forward to continued collaboration to improve medical science and patient care.”