The Society Publishers’ Coalition – a year on

“More than shared visions alone, our members are equally brought together by a desire to actively contribute to the present and future of the scholarly landscape, to affect change and directly feed into open access (OA) developments. The value in founding SocPC was partly to ensure our perspectives were heard in much wider conversations; that, combining our voices and entering into broader dialogues across the sector, we could help to enrich the research landscape and continue to support our communities through our charitable missions. …

The sharing of feedback, data, and methods has been and will continue to be integral to developing our members’ next steps towards open scholarship….

United by our common ambition to embrace open access in the interests of global research, SocPC was formed to help navigate the shifting landscape of international scholarship and improve the means through which we share knowledge and contribute to broader societal progress. Combining our members’ objectives puts us at the forefront of open scholarship agendas, enabling us to engage in and more meaningfully contribute to dialogues surrounding aspects like open data, open peer review, and a variety of associated initiatives….”