“H5P usage has doubled up many times over the last few weeks. It is good to see indications of us in the H5P community providing value in times like these, and we can still do much more. Our goal right now must be to provide students with amazing content as fast as possible. Having millions of H5P users around the world producing the same content will be a duplication of efforts and far too slow. We need to work together.

The most important part of our roadmap has long been to finish up and integrate an OER Hub in the H5P authoring tool to facilitate global collaboration. It was also the most requested roadmap item by far on the last H5P Conference. The H5P Core Team has now tasked all developers with finishing up the H5P Hub as fast as possible. It will be an integral part of the H5P authoring tool and allow users to easily share their content with every H5P user in the world! Content shared by others will of course be searchable and repurposable.

The H5P Content Hub is the heart of H5P and the soul of our vision of empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content….”