New NIH Resource to Analyze COVID-19 Literature: The COVID-19 Portfolio Tool | NIH Extramural Nexus

“In the past few months, the scientific community has ramped up research in response to the SARS?CoV?2 pandemic; dozens of peer-reviewed articles and preprints on this topic are being added to the literature every day (Figure 1). This rapidly expanding effort has created challenges for scientists and the medical community who need to analyze thousands of scholarly articles for insights on the virus.

Recently, the National Library of Medicine at NIH joined the White House and key industry and university leaders to release the COVID-19 Research Dataset (CORD-19) and call on the AI community to develop text mining tools that help analyze and summarize the over 45,000 coronavirus articles. The CORD-19 dataset represents the most comprehensive, freely available library of machine readable coronavirus scholarly literature to date, with hundreds of AI tools and technologies already created.  

Building on this effort, the NIH Office of Portfolio Analysis (OPA) has assembled a comprehensive listing of COVID?19 publications and preprints that is freely available to the public and coupled with a user-friendly portfolio analysis interface for querying the full text and supplemental data. The COVID-19 portfolio is updated daily with new literature selected for inclusion by subject matter experts.  It draws upon NLM’s PubMed resource for citations and abstracts of published biomedical literature….”