Wayback Machine Compare: An Ideal Digital-Professional Portfolio Tool – Cal schol.com

“Don’t know how I missed this, but Internet Archive back in October of 2019 released a new feature on its Wayback Machine to enable users easily to compare different versions of an archived web page. I’ve been hoping for such a feature for a while as a crucial tool for Digital History / Digital Humanities and even made inquires to private software companies about developing it. I’m elated that the adept and agile team at Wayback Machine built it directly into their UI.

This new feature has been highlighted in various tech blogs, and yesterday in a blog post by a journalist noting its importance for fact-checking.

The usefulness of the “Changes” (compare) feature in the Wayback Machine extends well beyond Digital History and Journalism. It should be considered an essential tool for vocational portfolios and professional files for anyone working on online content and web development….”