Underteckna deklarationen för öppen vetenskap och forskning 2020–2025 | Avoin tiede

“The Declaration for Open Science and Research is the common vision of the Finnish research community. According to the vision, open science and research should be part of the researchers’ everyday lives, and transparency should support both the impact of the various end products that the research results in and the quality of the research. The Finnish research community will also be an international pioneer in open science and research.

The path to realizing the vision is described in the mission of open science and research. The mission is to:

promote openness as a fundamental value in the entire research community’s activities;
strengthen the level of education and innovation in society and 
improve the quality of scientific and artistic research and the teaching materials based on it, and the smooth exchange and impact of research output throughout society, between researchers and research groups, between research areas, between research and education, between researchers and companies, the public sector and third sector and between researchers and community decision-makers as well as citizens. …”