Forskarar som får støtte kan ikkje lenger gi bort opphavsrett

“Publishing research is a billion-dollar industry with a number of powerful publishers in the driver’s seat, and it is common for researchers to give away the rights to their research articles to journals, which in turn publish behind high payment walls. There will be a final end to this, if it goes as the partners behind the so-called Plan S – Coalition S – want: …

On Wednesday, Coalition S launches the requirement that all researchers funded by research councils in countries that are part of the so-called Plan S must commit themselves to retaining the rights to peer-reviewed research articles.


In Norway, this means in practice that everyone, without exception, who receives public money from the Research Council is no longer allowed to relinquish the copyright to published scientific articles. The requirement shall apply to all announcements after 1 January 2021 (non-retroactive effect)….”