Announcement: Coko partners with Amnet Systems to build Open Infrastructure : Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

“Coko and Amnet Systems are proud to announce a collaborative partnership to fast track projects beneficial to the open access community for Emergency Response Publishing.

Coko, a leading provider of open source publishing solutions in the not-for-profit sector, and Amnet Systems Private Limited a leading publishing and accessibility services provider, announced an exciting collaboration to fast track projects beneficial to the Open Access Community. The relationship is focused on Emergency Response Publishing (ERP) in response to the global pandemic environment and the aftermath.

The scholarly communications sector needs modern technologies and radically optimized workflows to respond to this current pandemic crisis — ERP is a new Coko project to provide these technologies and improved workflows and pave the way for future modernization of the publishing sector….

To this end, we are happy to announce that Amnet will dedicate significant resources to collaborate on the development of Coko’s state-of-the-art open source journal platform – Kotahi. Amnet has committed full-time developers to collaborate with the Coko team to accelerate the development of the Kotahi platform….”