REPOPSI: The open repository of psychological instruments in Serbian | Zenodo

Abstract:  The   Repository   of   Psychological Instruments in Serbian (REPOPSI;, run   by   the   Laboratory   for   Research   of   Individual Differences at the University of Belgrade and hosted on the   Open   Science   Framework,   is   an   open-access repository of psychological instruments. REPOPSI is a collection of over 130 instruments (e.g., scales, tests) commonly used in social and behavioral science research. Documented   are   Serbian,   English   and   multilingual instruments, which can be used free of charge for non-commercial   purposes   (e.g.,   academic   research   or education). We argue that REPOPSI enables scientists to increase the efficiency of their research and the visibility of their output. We analyze REPOPSI’s commitment to ensure   that   its   (meta)data   is   findable,   accessible, interoperable, and reusable (the FAIR Data Principles) and   its   trustworthiness   with   respect   to   transparency, responsibility, user focus, sustainability, and technology (the TRUST principles). Finally, we describe how the FAIR and the TRUST principles will support the process of continuous improvement of REPOPSI.