2020 Charleston Library Conference: Virtual Meeting Details

“Academic libraries in the U.S. have seemingly diverged into two camps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: those who see the current environment as an uncomfortable bump in the road, and those who see the pandemic as the impetus to radically change business as usual. Our approaches to open access in relation to traditional scholarly publishing and Big Deals must take the latter route, particularly when it comes to an overall collections strategy that combines the library collections budget with outreach efforts and digital initiatives infrastructure. Many libraries have made great progress (or big headlines) in their support of OA initiatives, agreements, and contracts over the last several years. Transformative agreements, library/publisher divorces, and OA funding models categorize some of the most visible. These didn’t appear overnight; rather, the libraries engaging with them took strategic, multifaceted steps to achieve their progress to date. Examples include targeted faculty and central administration conversations, strategic Big Deal cancellations/reductions, open research and research data curation initiatives, and library-as-publisher investments. This session will explore these building blocks and others identified in a national survey on OA perceptions and activities, as well as a live-session survey of 2020 Charleston conference participants to marry pre and post-COVID attitudes and approaches. The results of the live survey will be shared with the session attendees in a collaborative dialog framed by the overarching question, “Where do we go from here”? The authors will end the session with a call for libraries and their stakeholders to recognize that while there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we will need to utilize the best technology and tools available to rapidly prototype our next steps. An introductory framework for OA rapid prototyping will be shared, and explored in more detail through the “Prototyping for Progress Workshop”.”