Preprints: Statement on Why LawArXiv is No Longer Accepting Submissions | LJ infoDOCKET

“In the past couple of weeks LawArXiv announced they were, “no longer able to accept new submissions.“ …

Today, we received the following statement from the LawArXiv Steering Committee with some additional details about what happened and plans for the future. 

The Steering Committee made the decision to end our partnership with the Center for Open Science this fall after an intense period of evaluation. The demands of the legal research community did not align fully with what we were able to provide with COS, and therefore we saw limited use of the site. Coupled with the need for COS to start charging a fee for the service, we made the difficult decision to suspend LawArXiv as of the beginning of 2021. We are currently working with an Exploratory Committee to determine the need for LawArXiv and to carefully consider the features that would be necessary should we relaunch. …”