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From Google’s English:  “By Order of the Minister of Education and Science, a National Plan for the Development of the Open Science Initiative in the Republic of Bulgaria has been approved. The plan sets out the strategic goals, the necessary steps and tools for the transition to the transformation of open science into a standard practice for conducting research.

This plan should be promoted and implemented in a coordinated and joint manner by the scientific community in the country and by the organizations funding research. It will upgrade the Bulgarian portal for open science – https://bpos.bg/ , will create new institutional repositories for data and publications and will ensure the connection of Bulgarian resources with the European cloud for open science. The implementation of the National Plan will also provide conditions for increasing the scientometric indicators, citations and visibility of Bulgarian scientists.

The main goal of the Open Science Initiative is to provide researchers and the public in the Republic of Bulgaria with access to scientific publications reviewed by independent experts, reliable research data and results in an open and non-discriminatory manner at the earliest possible stage of dissemination, as well as to provide an opportunity for their use and reuse.

The expected benefits are transparency and accountability of public funding for research; increase innovation capacity by combining their own knowledge with the available scientific results of publicly funded research.

You can view and download the National Plan for Development of the Open Science Initiative in the Republic of Bulgaria here: https://www.mon.bg/upload/24848/plan-otvorena-nauka_130121.pdf …”